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About Us

Aroura Fruit Industry is manufacturer and retailer of premium quality Pickles, Murabbas, Chutneys, Candies and Spice condiments based out of Lucknow and having operations in the food business since 1944, by the name of Aroura Achar.


It all started in the year 1944 when Mr. Kishan Chand lal Aroura came from Lahore to Lucknow in the pre -independence era .In order to earn their daily bread they started manufacturing hand crafted and authentic  pickles and other processed items .Slowly and steadily Aroura Achar since 1944 making its mark in terms of its premium quality and authentic taste.  Today Aroura Achar since 1944  is being a destination brand in Lucknow having three exclusive outlet to cater Lucknowites .We promise to just not titillate your taste buds but make you go to the nostalagic path of the memory lane.

Our products are manufactured with premium quality handpicked raw materials sourced from all over the country and with the same love and authentic recipes, that make our products as healthy and tasty as home-made quality products.Most of the pickles are preserved in oil as compared to chemical preservatives ,which makes it more healthier option.

Fruit Stand
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